About Us

The Property

The Beginning

Bear Ridge Destination started in the later part of 2016 by Sheldon Van Deventer (owner) and Allen Byler (builder). It was purchased as a 99-acre residence. The idea was to take an old single A-frame farmhouse, (in need of a little TLC), and turn it into a modern home, uniquely built in old Amish fashion. The first home was later named The Estate. Because it could accommodate larger groups, Sheldon wanted to share it with others to provide a unique place for friends and family to gather.

Since then, another large farmhouse was added but with an open concept. That home became The Manor, again built in the Amish fashion on the exterior, but with all modern luxuries on the interior. A small barn venue was added in early 2020 later named the Cozy Bear Venue. In 2021 the largest addition to the property was completed, the Burly Bear Venue. Primarily used for weddings, the newly constructed venue was built with 8 luxury suites on the lower level called the Barndo Suites. A tiny cabin on the pond came soon after named the Cozy Cabin.

What makes Bear Ridge Destination so unique is the determination to stay true to the style in which it was remodeled and constructed. The large venue was built with 12” exposed post and beam throughout and a large open floor plan to accommodate events all-year round. It can be custom decorated to accommodate any event. The homes are great for large or small groups. The cabin-on-the-pond is a favorite for couples and often used as a honeymoon suite.


In March of 2024, Bear Ridge Destination came under new management and ownership. Now owned and operated by the Ellsworth family of Fairview, PA, they are delighted to continue the vision and love that Sheldon had for Bear Ridge. “There was something special we could feel, from the first time we visited the property. We just want to share that with others and hope that they feel it too!” They are dedicated to making your event, visit, or stay truly remarkable.

Come get to know Bear Ridge, you might just become…part of the family!